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Our brands

Here you will find our brands and what other styles fall under them

All our mead is made by hand and in small quantities.

Northern Mead

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At Northern Mead, mead is made in classic styles. These are described below. Because mead is made from honey, mead is gluten free. All mead that we make is with pure, unprocessed and unheated honey. This keeps the taste as it should be and the health properties intact. 





A melomel is a mead with fruit. Our melomel is a delicate balance between mouthfeel and taste. Within this category of melomel, there are some subcategories. A cyser is a melomel that is made with apple (juice). Pyments are mead made with grapes, There are also berry mead; these are made with berry varieties. You also have stone fruit mead, where stone fruits are processed in the mead. Finally, you have the others, which contain other types of fruit than described above.

This exceptional mead is produced exclusively from honey and is an excellent choice for special occasions. A traditional may have the only addition that it has matured on wood. As with any category, the mead does not necessarily have to be sweet. Roughly speaking, the mead can be specified in dry, semi-dry/sweet and sweet mead.





A metheglin is a mead with spices. This category of mead can be divided into two subcategories. One is a fruit and herb metheglin, which contains both components. The other consists of herbs and/or spices.

In this last category of mead, there are several subcategories. The session mead and braggot (mead beer) have their own brand with us.
You also have historical mead. This subcategory includes mead that has been made in the same way for centuries in a certain culture, such as in Poland or Ethiopia.
Barrel-aged also belongs in this specialty category. Finally, you have the experimentals. These are also those that do not belong in any of the other categories described above.

Viking Mjod

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Braggots are brewed at Viking Mjød.

A braggot is a fellow beer. Grains and honey are fermented together. Archaeological finds show that Vikings often drank braggots. Because there wasn't much honey in the High North, it was often mixed with grains to brew a braggot. Mead itself was something for special occasions. 

A braggot doesn't have to be sweet. Because honey is 100% fermentable, all sugars in the honey are fermented. However, aromas of the honey may remain. The sweetness in the braggot is therefore from the malt. 

At Viking Mjød, braggots are brewed in the style of existing beer styles. Here, 20%-60% of the malt is replaced by honey that fits the beer style. 


Nord Mead

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Session Mead

Nord Mead focuses on session mead.

Session mead has a lower alcohol content than regular mead and is carbonated.   

Session mead usually has a higher drinkability than regular mead. Furthermore, all sessions that Nord Mead makes are also gluten free! 

Image by Vivek Doshi
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