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How it all started


High in the north, in the Groningen Westerkwartier, Northern Mead was first founded in 2019. What once started as a hobby has grown into a real company. It is our passion to make the best mead and to make others excited to get to know and enjoy this drink.


We started making traditional mead styles. Soon we decided to co-create several styles. To keep a clear overview of what is in which bottle and to keep the styles apart, we have chosen to carry different brands. As a result, it is always clear with each brand which style it is.

The Noordelijke Mederij is the meadery where all mead styles are made and under which all brands now fall.


Even though the company is still young, the experience and knowledge are certainly there. We have won several awards at the Mead Madness Cup (Mead World Championship; held in Europe) and the Mazer Cup (Mead World Championship; held in the USA). As a result, we are already the most awarded mead company in Western Europe in this short period of time. In the past 2 years we have even won the prize for the best mead in the world!

We are very proud of this. We hope that you can enjoy our product soon.


The product that we have made with love, patience and craftsmanship and that we work on with passion; mead.

Curious which brands and styles we have?
Then click below.

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