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What is mead?

Mead is the oldest drink in the world made from honey. 

On this page we explain what it is and how we make it.

About Mead and the Meadery

Mead is the oldest drink in the world.

Even older than beer and wine!

The Noordelijke Mederij also uses traditional methods

to make mead in limited edition.
In addition, we explain what mead actually is

and you can immediately take a look at the place where we started! 

Long ago, before the invention of writing and the first cities, a lucky person came across the contents of a beehive. The beehive had been exposed to the rain and the honey in it had fermented. Mead soon became known as 'the nectar of the gods', because of the so-called divine wisdom that this drink brought. Pharaoh Tut was a happy customer, as was the Viking Eric the Red and Queen Elizabeth the First. Enjoyed by paupers, princes, vikings and pirates, mead was the world's favorite drink.

Image by Arwin Neil Baichoo

Honey is the main ingredient of mead. That is why we attach great importance to the quality of the honey we use. 

The honey we use is pure, unprocessed honey. We also do not heat the honey, so that all the healthy properties of honey are preserved. 

We get our honey from local beekeepers and beekeepers with a passion for their work. As a result, we also contribute to the preservation of the bees. 

Curious about our story? 

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