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Bohemian Mead

Bohemian Mead


In collaboration with Warhorse Studios we have been able to make a Kingdom Come Delivarance Mead! For this mead we have imported honey from the Czech Republic from the region where this game takes place. We fermented and matured the mead in oak. In addition to the fact that in the past the drinks were probably also fermented in oak barrels, this gives you a fuller taste as well. We've let this mead clear on it's own so it's also unfiltered like the rest of our meads. Enjoy this mead with friends or while killing Cumans! Na zdravi!

Sending comes in two options; with priority 1 we try to make sure it arrives before Christmas and with priority 2 we ship it as soon as possible, but it can arrive after Christmas.

  • Ingredients

    - Water, Bohemian Honey and Yeast
    - 500ml
    - 12% ABV

    - contains sulfites (against oxidation)

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